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Commercial companies law


  • Analysis of the legal status of companies (due diligence),

  • Establishment and ongoing service of companies,

  • Preparation and service of meetings of company bodies,

  • Preparation of draft contracts as well as company statutes and regulations,

  • Submitting changes to the register of entrepreneurs in the National Court Register,

  • Trading shares and stocks,

  • Resolving disputes between partners / shareholders,

  • Appealing against resolutions of company bodies,

  • Mergers, Acquisitions and Transformations,

  • Liquidation and bankruptcy of companies,

  • Representation in enforcement proceedings

Commercial law


  • Establishment and ongoing legal service of business activities,

  • Legal counseling and legal representation,

  • Preparation of draft contracts,

  • Legal transaction security,

  • Participation in the client’s trade negotiations, dispute resolution,

  • Conducting "business intelligence",

  • Conducting matters related to the clients' investment process,

  • Determining the existence / non-existence of a legal relationship or law,

  • Declaring a legal act ineffective against the creditor (a Pauline complaint),

  • Debt collection and redress.



  • Representing clients at the pre-trial stage,

  • Representation in court, arbitration, administrative and court-administrative proceedings,

  • Conducting mediation and concluding settlements on behalf of the client,

  • Representation in enforcement proceedings,

  • Representation in electronic proceedings,

  • Representation in compensation cases: on a person and on property,

  • Representation in the scope of checking compliance of contract templates - including regulations - with consumer law,

  • Representation in determining the existence or non-existence of a legal relationship or law,

  • Debt collection and redress,

  • Participation in criminal proceedings as a defense lawyer or representative.

Real Estate Law


  • Analysis of the legal status of real estate (due diligence),

  • Representing clients in real estate purchase and sale transactions, as well as in ordering their legal status,

  • Drafting and negotiating contracts for the sale, lease, donation, rental, use of land, premises, building and agricultural properties, including preliminary contracts

  • Security of receivables,

  • Preparation of annexes to lease agreements, transfer of rights from contracts,

  • Service related to the creation, transfer and termination of limited property rights: use, easement, pledge, cooperative ownership right to the premises and mortgage,

  • Protection of property rights and limited rights: negative and debt recovery actions,

  • Legal services related to perpetual usufruct.

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