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I gained professional experience cooperating with Warsaw law firms and in the legal units of large listed companies.


In my current practice, I was responsible, among others behind:


  • Establishment of commercial companies: personal and capital companies,

  • Analysis and preparation of company agreements and statutes,

  • Current corporate services for these entities,

  • Liquidation and transformation of commercial companies,

  • Registration of changes in the structure of companies,

  • Conducting meetings of company bodies,

  • Sale of shares,

  • Analysis of the legal status of organizational units (due diligence),

  • "Business intelligence".


In addition, I took part in:


  • Establishment, ongoing support of: foundations, associations and other organizational units of sole proprietorship,

  • Preparation and analysis of business contracts,

  • Representation in proceedings for granting concessions, business permits,

  • Representation of clients in court and enforcement disputes,

  • Amicable solutions to commercial disputes,

  • Customer representation in commercial negotiations.


Real Estate Law:


  • Developer legal service,

  • Analysis of the legal status of real estate,

  • Representing clients in real estate purchase and sale transactions,

  • Organizing their legal status,

  • Preparation and negotiation of contracts: sale, lease, donation, rent, use of land, premises, building and agricultural properties,

  • Preparation of preliminary contracts,

  • Security of receivables,

  • Representation in court and public administration bodies.


Court cases:


  • Representation before courts in administrative and civil matters,

  • Representation of clients in compensation cases: on person and property,

  • Representation of clients in matters regarding the pursuit of monetary and non-monetary claims,

  • Representation of clients in proceedings for registration of changes in the National Court Register,

  • Representation in enforcement proceedings,

  • Representation in electronic proceedings,

  • Preparation of procedural strategies in compensation proceedings.


Attorney at law Maciej Tracz

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